Instructions for installing CryptoIsolator

1) Download CryptoIsolator


2) Unzip and execute the setup

with administrative privileges

3) Run the program

usually it is installed under c:\program files ....\GHz\CryptoIsolator

4) Request a Licence

Go to Tools-> Request License and fill in the form.
Press Request Licence button

Send the shown text to

5) Receive the license

An email will be sent to your email account
Put the license file in the program folder (e.g.: c:\program files ....\GHz\CryptoIsolator)

6) Configure the service

Now you can configure the service (Go to Tools-> Server Config).

7) Turn on the service

Go to the service (e.g.: run "services.msc") and turn on the service called "GHz CryptoIsolator"