Crypto Isolator Project

Did you ever receive email like this?

Despite the usual attention you opened an email with an attachment and now you can not open your files anymore.

Probably you have downloaded Cryptolocker or one of its hunderd variants.

Now every file are in real trouble

No matter if it is on your PC, shared folder, or even in cloud (Drop Box, Google Drive, ...):
It can be kept in hostage until you will pay, with no warranty that you will get back all your files.

Internet is full of tips explaining how to recover your files without wasting your money and your time, but....

Why don't you think about that before it happens?

If you are a CIO of a big organization, remember that any internal user in any location can be the open door the ransom-wares can use to access you network and infect your data.

Here the solution for you

If you want to:

  • reduce the probability of the infection of your files on servers or on PCs
  • be promptly informed about one of your server is under attack
  • block the infection as soon as possible
then the solution is here for you.
Put your PCs and your Servers under the surveillance of a sentinel:

Download CryptoIsolator